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The objectives of the Bolling Family Association are:

  • to collect, authenticate, analyze, and preserve information pertaining to the Bolling family or to any of its related families, such as Bowling, Bowlin, Bolin, Bolen, or Bolden;
  • to assemble in a central location all types of public and private, published and unpublished family biographical and genealogical material;
  • to publish by newsletters, periodicals, publications, books, indexes (indices), and other media such data as shall have been collected by the Association, and to distribute such material to libraries, historical societies, members, and interested organizations;
  • to stimulate interest and provide oral and printed advice and guidance relative to engaging in active and productive historical and genealogical research; and
  • to restore, or contribute to the restoration of, homes, buildings, or structures associated with any families or groups in which the Association may have an interest.


Mission Statement

To promote the heritage and contribution of the original Bollings and other similarly named Colonial immigrants, including Robert Bolling (1646-1709), Thomas of the Swan (Thomas Bouldinge 1580-1655), and the Catholic Thomas Bowling of Maryland, and their many descendants in the Colonies and the Commonwealth of Virginia and the many states of the Union as they spread throughout the continent. The Bolling name includes its many known variations including Boling, Bowling, Bolin, Boldin, Bolding, Bouldin, Bouldinge, Bowlin, Boulin, etc.
Vision Statement:
To celebrate the Bolling family heritage in early Virginia and Maryland and the many places to which the Family has spread in the following generations.


  1. To promote knowledge of the Bolling family members and their early Colonial history.
  2. To provide information and to assist Bolling Family Association members in developing their family lineage.
  3. To encourage research into the Bolling family genealogy and the dissemination of the information.
  4. To collect, authenticate, analyze, preserve, and publish all relevant Family information and to encourage others to do the same.
  5. To establish relationships with other genealogical and Family associations, libraries, museums, academic and research institutions and any similar organizations to promote research into and publication regarding Bolling ancestors and historical locations.
  6. To develop and maintain a comprehensive computerized Family data base detailing the known genealogy of the descendants of the immigrant Robert Bolling and other Bolling family members of the Bollings of Bolling Hall of Bradford, England, Thomas of the Swan, and other Bollings thought to have emigrated to the Colonies or the later United States.
  7. To identify and develop detailed information about the historical sites related to the Bolling family history.
  8. To encourage restoration and preservation of Bolling family historical sites, portraits, and other historical artifacts that give insight into the Bolling ancestors and traditions.
  9. To establish permanent relationships with organizations and individuals who own or maintain significant Bolling historical sites.
  10. To expand the membership of the Bolling Family Association.
  11. To maintain a current and informative Bolling Family Association web page.
  12. To establish a permanent site that will maintain Bolling family records, memorabilia and artifacts.
  13. To promote family goodwill and increase communication by holding biennial Bolling family reunions.
  14. To encourage donations of funds to The Bolling Foundation for the support of family research, library development, and the maintenance of relevant historic sites.

The mission and vision statements and goals set forth above incorporate the objectives of the BFA as set forth in Article II of the Constitution. Their intent is to provide more detailed guidance for the Association’s Board of Directors in establishing specific objectives that will result in plans and activities that meet the intent of the statements and goals and lead to specific actions and results that enhance the Bolling legacy. The ongoing work of the BFA Family Genealogists and the generous contributions of Bolling Family members to both the BFA and The Bolling Family Foundation have already led to substantial successes related to these.