Family Group 1

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Primary Ancestor: 

Robert Bolling (Born 12/26/1646, Died 7/17/1709)

Born Dec. 26, 1646 in Barking Parish, London, England
Died July 17, 1709 at Kippax, Prince George Co., Virginia, buried Petersburg, Virginia
Immigrated in 1660 from England to Virginia
Married Jane Rolfe (1655-1676) in 1675 in Henrico Co., Virginia, one child, John
Married Anne Stith (~1660-1710) in 1681 in Charles City Co., Virginia, eight children from 1681 to 1700.

Primary Home Site:

The Bolling line is traced to a Tristam de Bolling in 10th Century Bradford, England where the family home, Bolling Hall, is now a town museum. Robert's home in Virginia is known as Kippax, click below for more info.


Successful merchant and member House of Burgess


Descendants of Robert include Col. Raynal Bolling, Army Air Corps, killed in WWI, and for whom Bolling Air Force Base, Washington, D.C. is named and Edith Bolling Wilson, wife of President Woodrow Wilson.
Famous People Related to Robert Bolling

Group Leader: 


My Mistake


As you can see, this family tree project has me a bit confused.  I now realize I'm still part of Group 1, so you're my "Group Leader."  

Now back to trying to figure this all out.  It's confusing even with all the on-line info and my 2 boxes of documentation given me by my relatives at our over 100 family reunions in Osage, Missouri.

Thanks again and have a wonderful day.

Llana Bowling Bernard

Descent from ROBERT BOLLING (1646-1709)

ROBERT BOLLING (1645-1709)
Anne BOLLING (1690-1750)
Lucretia WYNNE (1712-1770)
Robert TUCKER (1739-1800)
Frederick TUCKER (1764-1806)
Elizabeth TUCKER (1789-1861)
Caroline Erwin HUNTER (1811-1888)
Augustus Samuel CLAYTON (1833-1927)
Frances Leona CLAYTON (1882-1970)
Pauline GREEN (1914-2000)
Arnold Garland MAYFIELD (1924-2002)
Stephen Henry MAYFIELD (1954-    )