The Bolling Family Association DNA Study

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In the Spring of 2001, the Bolling Family Association undertook a y-chromosome DNA study to try and define the various Bolling/Bowling/Bolen/Bouldin immigrants to the U.S. To learn more about the use of DNA in genealogy click here  DNA - 101  or here Genealogy FAQ's  As of today, there are over 300 males involved in the study.  The results thus far are available at the Bolling Page at   A total of eight families or haplotypes have clearly been identified.  The males in these groups share a common Bolling ancestor.  In some cases, where there is general agreement among the testees, that males ancestor can be identified.  For example, the descendants of Robert Bolling 1646-1709, progenitor of the Red and White Bolling lines is clearly defined in Group 1. 

If you are interested in participating, you must be a male with the Bolling (any spelling) surname.  The cost for the test is $99.  To enroll send an email to larry along with your mailing address and a brief family tree from you to your earliest known Bolling ancestor.  The kit and an invoice will be mailed to you.  Results take about two months.

Fh # refers to classification found in The Bolling, Bowling, Bolen Family in America before 1800 by Todd Bolen and Lois Stange, 2nd Addition, August 1997 .
This chart shows only the first 12 markers of each Family Group.  To see complete markers, go to:

To learn more about each Family Group go to:  DNA Family Groups

To see the complete markers beyond the initial 12 markers, click here: