Kippax Plantation

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Bolling Family Significance: Robert Bolling took his bride, Jane Rolfe, to live here

Historical Significance: Thomas Rolfe, (son of Pocahontas and John Rolfe) and his daughter Jane Rolfe Bolling are buried there

Summary of Site History:

Succeeding Owners: Martha Dangerfield Bland Blodget Curran, Samuel Perkins, Thomas Cocke and Peyton Mason, Joshua Poythress, John Henry Timson, John Batte, Francis E. Green, Robert Gilliam, Jr., Steven Heretick, Jennie Heretick and Valma Heretick.

Kippas is now owned by the National Archeological Conservancy.  The current home on the site is not historic and is occupied by non-Bollings.  Please respect their privacy and just stop nearby at the tombstones of Thomas and Jane Rolfe should you visit the site.

Details of Building and Grounds:

Full History of the Site: <TBD>
Family Heirlooms at Site: None

Other Interesting Facts:

Robert Bolling was buried at Kippax, as was Jane, his first wife, and probably Anne Stith, his second wife, as well as other family members.  Eventually, the family graveyard was left unattended.  Robert Buckner Bolling, great grandson of Robert I, moved the remains of the succeeding male heirs only, to a newly built mausoleum at Blandford Cemetery.  An article in the Hopewell News, dated July 23, 1943, stated that Thomas Rolfe, as well as his daughter, Jane Rolfe, were lying in unmarked graves at Kippax.  Attorney and Mrs. Thomas Brown Robertson arranged with Dr. Hamilton James Eckenrode, Director of History and Archeological for the Virginian Antiquities to mark the graves before the site was lost for all time.  The two markers can be seen about 100 feet to the east of where Bland Avenue ends and 25 feet from the side of the driveway. 

Noteworthy Sites Nearby: Cedar Level, Mitchells, Cawsons, Bolling homes in Petersburg . Cobbs Cemetery, Blandford Cemetery (Petersburg) 

Sources of Information: James Patton, Julian Robertson, Mary Mitchell Calos

Family Group: 

Type of Site: 

Original Owner: 

Robert Bolling I

Construction Date: 


Last Bolling Owner: 

Theodoric Bland, Jr. (Frances Bolling Bland’s son)


From I-295, exit 9B, go east on Rt. 36 to Ashland Street, turn left, proceed two block, cross RR tracks, continue north on Cedar Level Road to Pocahantas Street (approximately 1000 feet) turn right, then immediate left on Bland Avenue, which ends there


People are permitted to park in driveway area just off Pocahontas Street and walk approximately 100 feet up driveway remaining away from the current house. Please respect the privacy of the current occupants of the home on the Kippax site.

Current Owner: 

Misses Jennie and Valma Heretick


Kippax Plantation Hopewell , VA
United States
37° 16' 45.84" N, 77° 19' 5.988" W
Virginia US