Major Family Groups

The BFA Genealogy Gang has collected and published a significant amount of information on all known family groups. You can use the connections below to learn more about the family heads of the various family groups or the connection on the main page to learn about the DNA testing program and to see the actual test results.

This section is designed to be just a summary of known information about major Family groups to allow members to see at a glance where the major groups are and how many of the descendants are known to be family members or to have participated in the DNA testing. For detailed information, you must contact the Major Family Group Leader identified with each major group. If a group is not listed here, it is because the research information is not available to the BFA Genealogy Gang and/or there is no one who has been willing to provide the necessary information to be posted here.

The current results can be found on the Family Tree DNA website at

Primary Ancestor Group Leader
Family Group 1 Robert Bolling (Born 12/26/1646, Died 7/17/1709)

Page Nichols

Family Group 2 Thomas Bouldinge, (Born: bet 1579-1584, Died: abt 1655)

Larry Bowling

Family Group 3 Benjamin Bolling, (Born: abt 7/30/1734, Died: 1/30/1832)

Harley Bowling

Family Group 4 Unknown

Madilene Huff, Bourland Soc.

Family Group 5 James Bowling, (Born: ?, Died: 1729)

Hazael Taylor, Ernie Perry, and Doris Oaks

Family Group 6 Benjamin, William, Samuel, and Benjamin Bowling

Martin Boling & Todd Bolen

Family Group 7 William Bolling, Born: ca1704, Died: ca1772

Joyce Poole

Family Group 8 Thomas Bowling, Born: 1640, Died: 1700

Shirley Platt