Family Group 6

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Primary Ancestor: 

Benjamin, William, Samuel, and Benjamin Bowling

Below is how our 51 testees gather into Family Strings and the Head of those strings. The string letters (e.g. “A”) have no meaning in themselves. The Family Head numbers (Fhxxx) below are from our “out of print” book, "Bolling, Bowling, Bolen Family in America before 1800", Editions 1987 and 1997. Authored by my sister, Lois Bolen Stange, and me, more than 500 books were printed, so many BFA members have one or both editions. Using the Fhxxx designation, most of them 20 years old, is an exact way to quickly identify who you are talking about. The birth year and/or death year should not be used to identify a person as those dates are often not known, not agreed upon, change with new information, or conflict with others of the same given name

Family String S Fh120 Benjamin 1754->1820 and Fh913 William bc1755-d>1800
Family String Z Fh624 Samuel bc1778-d>1863 and brothers/cousins
Family String A Fh090 Benjamin 1696-1767
Family String M19 Fh514 Robert b<1750
Family String T Fh424 John bc1730-d<1810
Family String K Fh746 William 1717-1756
Family String M18 Fh135 Benjamin 1765-1838
Family String M1 Fh730 Thomas 1766-1851
Family String M17 Fh667 Thomas c1755-1810
Family String N2 Fh1563 Charles 1763-1849
Known, Pre-1800 not
in a Family String yet
Fh554 Robert bc1787-d>1850 and
Fh2285 Elliott c1765-1844
Post-1800 EKA  


In May 2005, Martin Boling, of Bloomington, Indiana, with others, organized a two day DNA Group 6 Conference, in Salem, Indiana. We had more than 70 people attending with, I think, someone from every Family String. Family String “S” had the biggest number of those attending. One of the goals of the conference was to meet each other in person and perhaps “tie some strings together.” Using “place information” is a useful research technique. Here is just one county in Virginia where three DNA 6 family strings are found together.

Prince William, VA-created 1730-31 from King George and Stafford

  Alexander (UK) r1810
6S Benjamin (Fh120) bc1761 (sic)
6A George (Fh240,742a) d1736,wi1736—part that in 1742 became Fairfax
6A Gerrard (Fh230,450f) b1730—part that in 1742 became Fairfax
6M James (Fh279,278a) r1761--m1750 in Stafford
6A John (Fh392,240b) r1732,r1735
6A John (392a) r1756
6A Joseph (Fh450,240a) r1730—part that in 1742 became Fairfax
  Keziah (male, UK, bc1744) r1785
6A Mrs. Mary (could be widow of John 240b) r1741
  Nancy (UK) r1810
6A Thomas (UK, this could be Fh680, 450c, 6A) r1758-59
6A William (392b) r1756,r1760,r1763,r1785
6A William (Fh743,240c) r1736—part that in 1742 became Fairfax

We know from research that all DNA Group 6 folks came from Stafford County, Virginia. In fact BFA President Emeritus, Bud Bolling, before DNA testing, called us the “Stafford Bunch”. We are very fortunate that the St. Paul's Parish Registers, 1715-1798, still exists. You can see the real images of the register or view various transcripts. In 1776, the boundaries of Stafford and King George Counties, Virginia, were changed. At that time St. Paul's parish was thrown into King George County, Virginia.

I was asked to include our current thoughts of an early ancestor and possibly an immigrant. The individuals below could be siblings, first cousins, or not related at all. However, many were probably in the same generation. They were all married between 1722 and 1744 in the St. Paul's Parish, Stafford/King George Counties, Virginia. Note that Family Strings “A” and “K” come together here. You see some were the children of Joseph Fh450. Taking Joseph Fh450 back to an immigrant could be the subject of a whole new BFA Newsletter article.

*     Family of Joseph Fh450
*(son) Fh090 A Benjamin 1696-1767/m1725 Mary Latham
  Fh160 C David /m1741 Jane Pilcher
  Fh183 M Edmund or Edward/m1744 Mary Sudduth or Suddeth
*(father) Fh450 A Joseph d1753/m1738 Pelletaire or Letitia Crafford or Peltiah Graffort b1718
  Fh580 M Samuel/m<1734 Mary -----
*(son) Fh590 A Samuel/m1731 Elizabeth Oxford
  Fh630 M Simon d1735/1/w m1722 Anne Newton d1735
2/w m1728 Elizabeth Newport
3/w Martha ----- d1735
*(son) Fh680 A Thomas/m1729 Rachel Colclough
  Fh740 M William /m1726 Mrs. Elizabeth (Colclough) Kidwell
*(son) Fh746 K William 1717-1756/m<1748 Elizabeth Colclough 1723-d>1757
  Fh750 M William/m<1725 Eleanor -----
  Fh760 M William/m1726 Sarah Kirk
*(dau.) 450d M Bethridge/m1728 Daniel Hammit
*(dau) 450e M Honor/m1726 Joseph Dunham/Dunman
  UK M Mary/m1737 William Eaton

Where do we go from here? We need to work on combining Family Strings. In most cases we are dealing with events in the early 1700s, before censes and birth, marriage and death vital records. Based on such things as land and tax records, we need to come up with a theory on family relationships, and then document the facts for and against the theory. Then accept or reject the theory based on the standard of “preponderance of evidences“. [Not just the quantity but the quality of the evidence].

After several trips back to North Carolina, Martin Boling, of Bloomington, Indiana, was close to moving his Family String “S” back one more generation and picking up Family String M17 in the process. See William Fh902 below. Our sources are in the “file cabinet” on the DNA Group 6 web site.

6S 902. William Bowling Sr. bc1730-d<1784—He probably had a brother John Fh424 6T
               * John (heir of William Sr.) b<1755-d>1800
               * William bc1755-d>1800/m Elizabeth "Betsy"---See Family Group #913 A descendant kit 1569 tested into DNA 6 (String S)
               * Benjamin 1754->1820/m1775 Sarah T. "Sally" or "Tabitha" Hancock (1759-1806)--See Family Group #120 A descendant kit 22608 tested into DNA 6 (String S)
               * Thomas bc1755-1810/m1793 Sarah "Sally" Ford (1755-1860)--See Family Group #667--- A Descendant kit 2388 tested into DNA 6 (String M17)
               * Possible sons per Source #1553

Martin Boling is the webmaster of our very active DNA Group 6 web site. As I understand it, it is a “private” web site. You must be “invited” to join. If you have a DNA 6 connection and want to visit the site, send me an e-mail, including your interest in DNA 6 research, your name and an e-mail address. Send your request to

Moving on to another goal--for our 9 testees that have EKA born after 1800, they or someone needs to work to get their lineage back a few more generations. Larry Bowling ( has the BFA Database that might help. Linda McNiel, of Texas, ( has the most complete file of the Family String “S” descendants. Her file is also on the DNA 6 web site.

Group Leader: 

Martin Boling & Todd Bolen