Family Group 8

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Primary Ancestor: 

Thomas Bowling, Born: 1640, Died: 1700

Was born in 1640 in Lancastershire, England
Died 1700 in England
Married perhaps Elizabeth ? Wheeler?

Group 8 Bowlings

Thomas Bowling was born in Chorley, Lancashire in 1640 to Hugh and Ellen Finch Bowling. His brother Captain James Bowling was an influential and wealthy trader, but records of Thomas' early life in both Lancashire and Maryland are scarce. He may have served as a military officer and probably acted in support of his brother's trading, periodically returning to England. When James' died in 1693, Thomas inherited parcels of land in Maryland called Chorley (Charly) and Chessum that would be passed down among the heirs of his line for many generations. He settled there and eventually married Elizabeth (Wheeler?). The line continued through their son John and John’s wife Mary Langworth. By 1699 Thomas was back in Lancashire, booking passage to Maryland and Virginia for himself and several indentured servants. A record in Liverpool from the winter of 1699/1700 describes a Thomas Bowling lost at sea and it seems certain this was our ancestor. No records have been found proving he was alive afterwards; no burial records have ever been located. His estate was appraised the following August. His widow Elizabeth eventually remarried and became Elizabeth Speakes.
This is a little sparse, but then so is the data we have about Thomas. What’s there now is as much about James as it is about Thomas. I can’t confirm that Thomas arrived with James in 1658. Gardiner seems to have made some assumptions about the original 150 acres of Bowlingley assigned to James which was later expanded to 250 acres owing to an error at the record office. The entire body of records dealing with this issue never mentions Thomas, John or Elizabeth and include sufficient transportee names to account for the acreage claimed. (If anyone has an original record specifically showing James transported Thomas, I’d love to see it! All I have are records that talk about these originals).

Group Leader: 

Shirley Platt